Thank you for your interest in registering to our free foreign trade database and in the assessment of the ability to enter the foreign market!

Let me explain in a few sentences why this is needed and what the next steps will be in the process:

We work exclusively with verified and qualified partners
The data you submit is handled according to the strictest privacy/GDPR regulations! (If you are interested in the details, please see the drop-down menu) If you still feel that certain data/information you do not want to share with us, just skip that question.
According to our experience, providing the data requires 5-10 minutes, that is all you need to invest
These data are absolutely necessary for us to assess your eligibility for the entry on the foreign market, so that we can draw your attention to the areas that, according to our experience, need to be improved.
We send you our analysis and suggestions for the next steps by email.
We get in touch with each other and discuss our analysis and suggestions a. in case of shortcomings, what are the things that you have already considered and plan to implement, and where you need consultation/a recommended partner b. in case of your company ready to enter the foreign market, we make an appointment to discuss your plans and requirements in detail, overview our framework agreement, discuss and conclude the contract.




Phone number:

Business Chainbridge Kft. 

EU TAX number: 26559171-2-41 
Headquarters: 1027 Budapest, Bem József utca 6 fszt. 

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